Dave Rhodes

DaveStudio Manager and Head Engineer

Dave Rhodes has been recording music for over 20 years. Starting out in radio production he made NZ on Air funded radio programmes to help get more New Zealand music on mainstream radio.

In 2002 Dave won the Engineer of the Year Tui for mixing the debut album by Blindspott. Around the same time he worked closely with many Pagan/Antenna records artists including Pluto, Voom, Darcy Clay, Tadpole, Dub Asylum, Sam Hunt and Crumb.

From 2003 to 2012 Dave worked at Stebbing Recording centre where he moved into DVD authoring while also getting to record artists like Six60 and the APO, the Topp Twins, Hollie Smith and John Rowles.

Dave currently manages Depot Sound where he juggles the promotion and business side of the studio with engineering and producing. Since moving to Depot Sound Dave has worked with The Warratahs (Country album of the year 2016), Head Like A Hole, The Rubics, Push Push, The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Skinny Hobos, Animalhead, Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, The Dead Beat Boys, Echo Children, The Dirty Sweets, Sophie Mashlan, Play it Strange artists, and many more up and coming musicians.

Throughout his recording career Dave has also enjoyed being on the other side of the glass, recording and touring as the drummer for bands including Stylus, 29 Blackbirds and Static Era.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any recording ideas you have. I love to chat about music and recording so I’m sure we can find a way to achieve whatever crazy vision you have!