Morgan Allen

MorganMusic Producer and Sound Engineer

I love music. I started out as a musician, and soon developed a fascination for the recording process while learning to record my own music. Promptly after leaving high school I went on to complete a Diploma in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in 2013 and a Bachelor’s of Recording Arts in 2016.

Aged 14 I started volunteering at Depot Sound and save for a few years hiatus whilst studying I haven’t really left the studio since! As well as recording bands and all things audio, my background as a musician means I can work not only as recording engineer but also as a producer assisting with arrangements, composition and production.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented NZ artists such as October, Molly + The Chromatics, Zacho Fraser, Lakes & The Magic Band, Tweed, Elcee and Hospital Sports to name a few. I’ve also had the chance to work as a composer and foley artist for film and TV with Onaius Pictures, Red Delicious Films and Brightspark Pictures.

I’m always eager to discuss any project and all things music so please get in touch and I’m sure myself and Depot Sound will be able to assist.

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