If you like what you hear follow the links to find out more and support musicians who have recorded at Depot Sound.

Hospital Sports

Hospital Sports – Behind My Back

‘Behind My Back’ is the second single off Hospital Sports sophomore album ‘Take Care’ released in January 2017. Hospital sports have been a part of the Auckland indie/alternative scene since 2012 and have a unique blend of melodies and complex rhythms.

To listen to ‘Take Care’ in its entirety head over to their Bandcamp page here and check them out on facebook here.


LAKES & The Magic Band

LAKES & The Magic Band – Not Sorry

Not Sorry’ is the debut single from the LAKES & The Magic Band. It combines a variety of vocal styles from hip-hop, rap and pop and melds them with a full live band. The group initially began as a duo and since then has blossomed into an 8 piece group with three vocalists and a wide range of musical influences. Not Sorry was recorded and produced by both of Depot Sound’s engineers, Dave Rhodes and Morgan Allen.

To find out more about LAKES head to their Bandcamp and Facebook pages.


Molly + The Chromatics

Molly + The Chromatics – Personal

Molly + The Chromatics are a neo soul, jazz outfit from Auckland. They stopped by Depot Sound in 2016 to record their first EP ‘Straight Lines.’ ‘Personal’ features a slick arrangement of live drums, sub bass and horns to compliment the gorgeous vocals of lead singer Molly Rowlandson.

You can find Molly + The Chromatics on Facebook here, as well as the ‘Straight Lines’ EP on Spotify and iTunes.


Echo Children

Echo Children – Turn To Stone

Echo Children are a five piece Alt/Folk/Blues band, consisting of 2 girls, 3 guys, and a whole lot of vinegar. The band is based in Auckland with members from all over the globe. Their debut single is out now and you can get it for just $1 on Bandcamp.

To find out more about the band check out this great review on UK music blog Phenomenal Cats and follow them on Facebook.


The Warratahs

The Warratahs – Mt Victoria Rain
The Warratahs – Runaway Days

Recorded in just 2 days, The Warratahs 7th studio album ‘Runaway Days’ spent 7 weeks in the official New Zealand music charts in July 2015. The recording started as a live demo session but the raw live energy and vibe was so good the band decided to release it as an album. The Album went on to win Country Music Album Of The Year at the 2016 Vodafone NZ Music Awards.

Find out more about The Warratahs at



October – Switchblade

October‘s debut EP Switchblade explores her reluctant transition into adulthood and her mourning of the few remaining months of her teens. The EP was mixed at Depot Sound with the title track released as the first single.

“This EP is also an act of gritting my teeth and standing steady in my pursuit as a female producer. I’m done with being just a voice. I am the creator and the governor of this project that I proudly call mine.” October.

Find out more about October on her Facebook and listen to the whole EP on Spotify.


Rebel Sound Radio

Rebel Sound Radio – Liberation

Rebel Sound Radio are a rock band from Hamilton.  Their rockin’ first single ‘Liberation’ was recorded and mixed at Depot Sound.

The band has been playing shows all around the North Island and has just released a music video for the song.

You can check out the video on Youtube and find out more about them on Facebook.


Lincoln Greene

Lincoln Greene – Waiheke Lover

Waiheke Lover is a fresh piece of Kiwi pop from Auckland based artist Lincoln Greene. Originally performing under the name Jimmy Hazelwood this is the first single for Lincoln Greene.

Check out the music video for Waiheke Lover and find out more about Lincoln Greene on their website and Facebook.



Masses – Possession

Alternative metal band Masses have recorded their new single ‘Possession’ at Depot Sound. The moody verses kick into a huge churning chorus riff and develop to an epic conclusion.

Find out more about the band on their website and Facebook page, and go check them out live if you’re into moody, heavy, alternative metal.


Play It Strange

Sophie Mashlan – Flowers and the Sea
Nicola Morrison – Skimming Stone

Play It Strange shines the spotlight into NZ secondary schools and brings the great songs written there into the light. Songs that are by the people for the people. Songs that project the community they come from. This year Depot Sound recorded two tracks for the compilation featuring Sophie Mashlan and Nicola Morrison.

Listen to the entire compilation here.


The Rubics

The Rubics – 69 Shots
The Rubics – Blasphemy

A vintage sound made modern by a group of 5 young North Shore musicians. The Rubics are a fresh band with a full sound and an ever-willing desire to jam.

’69 Shots’ is the first release from The Rubics EP recorded at Depot Sound throughout 2015.

If you like what you hear be sure to check them out on iTunes and Facebook.



ELCEE – Heart Over Mind

ELCEE is an Auckland based electronic pop artist. ‘Heart Over Mind’ is the title track from her debut EP and features a blend of delicate melodies with soaring choruses.

‘Heart Over Mind’ was produced by Depot Sound Engineer Morgan Allen and mixed at Depot Sound.

Find out more about ELCEE on her Facebook and Soundcloud pages.


Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin – Witch Hunt

Blue Ruin are a punk inspired band comprised of 5 rad, bad, babes. Their sound is heavily influenced by various genres including grunge, punk pop, classic rock, riot grrrl and metal.

They recently stopped by Depot Sound and recorded a live cover of ‘Witch Hunt’ by American punk rockers Misfits ahead of their support slot for Misfit’s New Zealand Tour.

If you’d like to find out more take a look at their website and Facebook page.



LAKES – Captivity

Starting off as two piece on Auckland’s North Shore, LAKES has swelled to a massive 8 piece live band combining hip hop, electronica and funk. LAKES recently stopped by the studio to perform and film a live video. ‘Captivity’ is the first offering from these live recordings.

Find out more about LAKES on their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.


The Dirty Sweets

The Dirty Sweets – Love Is Dangerous

Their sound has memorably been described by New Zealand Musician Magazine as being akin to ‘The Munsters at an Acca Dacca convention’. Now, The Dirty Sweets return, once again flying the bogan flag boldly with a new single recorded and mixed at Depot Sound Recording Studio.

If you like what you hear you can find them on Soundcloud and check out their music videos here.



Ghosts Of Electricity

Ghosts Of Electricity – It Could Be Worse
Ghosts Of Electricity – Another Saturday Night

Auckland band Ghosts of Electricity are two engineers and a philosopher who play confrontational punk rock music. Their live shows have been described as “like watching unhinged office staff after a line has been crossed”.

Ghosts of Electricity have just recorded a new album called ‘Trolls’ at Depot Sound which is out at the beginning of November. Check out the cool animated video for ‘Another Saturday Night’ on Youtube and find them on Facebook.


Dead Beat Boys

Dead Beat Boys – 2

Dead Beat Boys are a straight up Rock’n’Roll band from Reporoa, New Zealand. These 5 lads are known for their high energy shows and dirty aggressive rock. Inspired by great kiwi bands like Shihad and the Datsuns they’re quickly making their mark.
Dead Beat Boys have just released their NZOA funded music video for their latest single ‘2’ which was recorded and mixed at Depot Sound.

Watch the video on Youtube and find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Shepherds Of Cassini

Shepherds Of Cassini – Mauerfall

Post-Prog Space-Metal band Shepherds of Cassini spent 10 days at Depot Sound in April 2015 recording their 2nd album ‘Helios Forsaken’. The band were extremely well rehearsed and determined to create an album that exceeded their first both sonically and musically. The result is one of the most interesting, creative, and challenging projects ever recorded at Depot Sound and we love how its turned out!

Check out the sample above and find out more about Shepherds Of Cassini at and on Facebook.


Static Era

Static Era – Sleeping Dogs
Static Era – Sleepwalker

Static Era’s debut album was almost entirely recorded and mixed at Depot Sound.  On release it went to number 25 on the album charts and number 10 on the NZ album charts. The latest single Sleeping Dogs is out now with a new video. Find out more about the band at

Check out the video on Youtube and find the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.


The Imports

The Imports – Flames
The Imports – Caribbean Girl

The Imports are an Auckland based rock band with members from Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, The UK and NZ. The band recently finished recording an EP at Depot Sound and their first single Flames is out now. Find out more about the band at

You can also find them on Facebook and Reverbnation.


Poison Skies

Poison Skies – Victim of Reality

Poison Skies have just finished recording an EP at Depot Sound which will be out mid 2015. The first single is out now on iTunes and other digital music outlets. Their high energy punk rock sound translates to an awesome live show so go see them if you get a chance.

Find them on Facebook and Youtube.


Thin White Lines

Thin White Lines – Chemicals

Thin White Lines are an explosive 4 piece groove-punk band that have been refining their sound on the Auckland and Gold Coast scenes since they formed in 2009. In 2014 they won the Ding Dong Lounge bands competition which was sponsored by Depot Sound and recorded this song Chemicals. Chemicals is the first song from a high energy 4 track EP all recorded, mixed and mastered at Depot Sound.

Check out the rest of the EP on Bandcamp and find them on Facebook.


John Rowles

John Rowles – I’m Back Again

John Rowles – The Singer

Kiwi music icon John Rowles has been working on a new album over the past year at Depot Sound. The album is called the Greatest Song Of All and is out now! You can pick up a copy at his live concerts and selected retailers. Most of the album is acoustic with added strings, electric guitar and bass with various featured guests including Eddie Low, Midge Marsden, and many more.

John is currently on tour with Elvis Presley’s original backing band from the 70’s. For tour dates and full info click here and find John on Facebook here.


Raagtime Trio

Raagtime Trio – Norwegian Wood

Raagtime Trio is an Auckland based Indo-Western Fusion Band formed by jazz pianist Ben Fernandez and tabla maestro Manjit Singh, with Jo Shum on upright bass. The trio spent afternoon in the studio and recorded an amazing live CD.

Find out where you can see them play live and pick up a copy of the album on their Facebook page.


The Moots

The Moots – Tick The Box

The Moots are a trio from Auckland influenced by funk and British alternative rock. The Moots came 2nd in the 2013 Smokefree Rockquest and have just released their first EP. Depot Sound engineer Dave Rhodes went to the Lab studios in Mt Eden to track the drums and guitars then finished off the bass, vocals and mixing at Depot Sound.

Listen to the whole EP on Soundcloud and find the band on Facebook.



Vivid – Tea and the Teapot

Vivid are a four piece indie-pop/rock band who have just placed 3rd in the 2014 Smokefree Rockquest. In preparation for their Rockquest performance they came into the studio and recorded some live demos. The demos were recorded very quickly but show the fun summery vibes of the band nicely.

Find out more on Facebook and hear what they are up to now on the Audience.


Ghosts Of Electricity

Ghosts Of Electricity – Las Chicas

Auckland band Ghosts of Electricity are two engineers and a philosopher who play confrontational punk rock music. Their live shows have been described as “like watching unhinged office staff after a line has been crossed”.

Ghosts of Electricity spent 3 days in the studio and came out with a high energy EP that was a lot of fun to work on and sounds great.

Listen to the rest of the EP on Soundcloud and find them on Facebook.


Delic Exodus

Delic Exodus – Spirit Sound

Delic Exodus is a hip hop duo powered by a drive for artistic freedom and a positive outlook on life. They have recorded a 4 track EP at Depot Sound and are working on more songs.

Listen to the EP here and find them on Facebook.



The Rubics

The Rubics – Ain’t No Way (live demo)

A vintage sound made modern by a group of 5 young North Shore musicians. The Rubics are a fresh band with a full sound and an ever-willing desire to jam. The band came into the studio for a few hours and ripped out a blistering set of live rock.

You can hear the rest of the recordings from this session on their Soundcloud page and Facebook.


Static Era

Static Era – Fire Away

Static Era is a 4 piece rock band from Auckland featuring Depot Sound studio manager Dave Rhodes on drums, Emma G on vocals, Chris Yong on guitar and Victor Pesch on bass. Fire Away is the first single from their EP due for release on Oct 11. Recorded and mixed at Depot Sound.

Check out the video on YouTube and find the band on Facebook and at


Shepherds of Cassini

Shepherds of Cassini – Asomatous Pendula I

Shepherds Of Cassini are a psychedelic space metal quartet from Auckland, New Zealand.

They recorded their debut album over a 5 day period in May 2013. It was mixed over the following week. The majority of the album was performed live to get the emotion and feel that the band was after with extra guitars, vocals and textures overdubbed later.

Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Taupiri Primary School

Taupiri Primary School

Taupiri Primary School came up to Auckland for a school trip and as part of the day they visited Depot Sound. The kids were so excited to be in the studio and sang the whole time they were here! They sang in the gallery before and after recording and entertained everyone who passed by.


Brendon Thomas

Brendon Thomas – Peace Revival Demo

Brendon came in for a quick two hour recording session to put down a live demo of a bluesy song that he wrote with some mates.  Drums and two guitars (including all the solos!) were layed down in one take, then bass and vocals overdubbed. This is one of my favourite recordings since I’ve been at Depot Sound, it’s raw and real and it sounds great!

Brendon Thomas and the Vibes have since recorded a whole EP at Depot Sound. Check it out here and find them on Facebook.



Ophelia – Coming Home

Ophelia – Not So Frightening

Ophelia is the creation of composer/producer Patrick Shanahan and singer/song-writer Alex Louise. Drawing on influences from dubstep, indie/folk and orchestral soundscapes, their first single Not So Frightening was mastered at Depot Sound.

Go to Bandcamp to get a free download for a limited time and friend them on Facebook.


Poison Skies

Poison Skies – Live Demos

Poison Skies is a brand new punk band. They wanted to record a simple live demo of their newly written songs to get a feel for how they are progressing. In just 3 hours they blasted out 11 tracks! Here’s a sample of 2 of them.

You can find more on their Facebook page here.


The Impossible Fifth

The Impossible Fifth – Dushka

The Impossible Fifth are a 5 piece indie/alternative Auckland based rock band, established in 2012. Their music reflects their many varied backgrounds. The first single from the band is called Dushka and was recorded and mixed at Depot Sound by Dave Rhodes.

Download the track for FREE from their Bandcamp page and like them on Facebook.


Josh Lake Feat Mike-Class

Josh Lake Feat Mike-Class – No Sympathy

Singer-songwriter Josh Lake and rapper Mike-Class from the North Shore bring together thier different styles of music in this acoustic rock – hip hop collaboration. Recorded and mixed at Depot Sound one afternoon.

Check out Josh Lake on Soundcloud and Mike-Class on Facebook.


Robert Edwards – Rising Together album

Robert Edwards – The Now Time

Robert Edwards is a poet born and bread on the North Shore of Auckland. In 2011 Robert published a book of his poetry called ‘Rising Together’.  In April 2013 he came into Depot Sound and recorded an entire album of poetry, including all the work in his book plus a few extra classics.

The album is called ‘Rising Together’ and is available from Robert’s live shows and his web site.



Decades – We Go Right Up

Decades are an indie/alternative rock band from Devonport. They’ve been rehearsing at Depot Sound and have just recorded this new track “We Go Right Up”.