Multimedia Projects

Multimedia Projects

Combining our knowledge of audio, video, and other media. We bring together talented people that we have worked with in the past to create engaging web and video content.  Here you can find some of the projects we have undertaken recently.

NZ Sculpture OnShore 2018
For this years event we have been creating engaging video content for NZ Sculpture OnShore to use in online promo across facebook, instagram and their own website. Check out the interviews with artists and promo videos on the NZ Sculpture OnShore website

Devonport Library Associates
The Devonport Library Associates had the idea of filming some of the incredibly interesting talks that they organise at the Devonport library. When they talked to us about it we quickly realised that they also needed a place to showcase the videos so we brought in a web designer and helped them through the process of creating a website and youtube channel to host the videos. You can visit the website at


Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
In 2017 our friends at the Navy Museum in Devonport asked if we could put together a video to showcase some stats for their annual report so we got in touch with a talented video artist we work with and this is what he came up with. View the video on their Facebook page and give them a like while you’re there :)