Recording Studio

Depot Sound recording studio is managed by Tui Award winning engineer Dave Rhodes and provides a friendly and productive outlet for musicians and artists of all genres.

Depot Sound started 2015 with a major upgrade. The facility now includes two separate recording studios. The new larger studio is ideal for high quality multi-track recording of bands, solo artists and live demos. The upgraded smaller studio is great for voiceover work, editing and music production. Both studios can be combined to create isolation booths for vocalists and amps during live tracking sessions.

Recent clients include Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, John Rowles, Fire At Will, The Warratahs, The Dead Beat Boys, Static Era, Thin White Lines, Poison Skies, Shepherds of Cassini, Damn The Trend, Vivid, Delic Exodus, Racing, and The Rubics.


The studio is $65 per hour or $520 per 10 hour day.
Bulk discounts and dry hire rates can be negotiated.

Services include:
Music recording
Music mixing
Live demos
Pre-production advice
Voiceover recording and mixing for radio and TV
Post-production sound mixing for video
Mastering for CD and/or iTunes
Compilation mastering

For a full list of equipment click here

Dave is more than happy to discuss any project to work out the best way to achieve your goal on your budget.

Contact Dave for bookings, enquiries and hare-brained recording schemes.