Situated in the laid-back Devonport community close to cafes and the waterfront, Depot Sound is part of the open & inclusive Depot Artspace creative hub: a non-profit organisation set up to support creatives & audiences through an art gallery, professional creative development, publications and recording studio.

Depot Sound started as a rehearsal room built out of hay bales in the mid ‘90s and has been constantly evolving ever since to become a one stop shop for music recording and audio post production.   We offer friendly, professional and affordable studios for musicians and artists of all genres.

Our talented team of experienced producers can take your project to the next level.


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    Studio One

Studio One is set up for high quality multi-track recording and is ideal for producing broadcast quality band recordings and mixing audio for video. The control room is spacious and comfortable with enough room for bands or production companies who want to be part of the recording or mix session. 

     Live Room

The control room is spacious and comfortable with enough room for bands or production companies who want to be part of the recording or mix session.

       Studio II

Currently under lease

Meet Our Team

Neil Baldock

Studio Manager and Music Producer

Studio Manager Neil Baldock joined Depot Sound August 2020 returning from Los Angeles where he worked as a freelance engineer for 6 years.

Over the past 30 years he has worked with artists like Kanye West, Neil Finn, Crowded House, Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga and Head Like a Hole and had the privilege to learn off of some of the world’s best producers like Jim Scott, Joe Chicarelli, Nick Laurnay and Chris Lord Alge.

In New Zealand he has been head engineer at both Revolver and Roundhead Studios and lucky enough to work at some of the best studios around the world including Olympic Studio (UK), Metropolis Studio (UK), East West Studio (LA), Sunset Sound (LA) and Paramount (LA).

Neil is looking forward to sharing, teaching, encouraging and helping a new generation of artists, engineers and producers, both local and across the greater community, to adapt to the ever changing process of making records in a place designed for creativity, whilst providing a studio environment that can deliver world class results.

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Akshay Raju

Music Producer and Recording Engineer


Upon completion of his Bachelor of Recording Arts at SAE, Akshay has quickly found himself at Depot Sound after being chosen for the NZ music commission Internship.

  “If I can help someone create a piece of music that matches their artistic vision, then that’s a good day’s work…Collaboration over competition.”  

Akshay is very present within the NZ music scene. Whether it be performing with his band ‘Keith.’ around the country, or recording and producing for other artists such as LB, Holly Afoa, Cardinal Sleepdog, Molly + The Chromatics, King Kapisi and many others.

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